A story about life goals and running

This story/race began 14 years ago with little 10 year old me watching sprint competitions in TV.
I always loved running and I was always good at it. We made races for fun in primary school and I was the fastest kid there but then I went to the gymnasium and there was a faster one.
This guy was in a athletic club, so there was no other option than to join the club and try to beat him. It was really fun training and running with the kids there and at one point I was faster than my friend.
But that was not the end cause on the athletic competitions were many more and faster opponents. So training continued over the years and I was dragged more and more into that fantastic sport with its fantastic people. For a long time I was an average runner without any great times over 100 or 200m. That changed with the age of 16 when I got taller and got some muscles. Times were descending almost every month until my qualification for the German championships with 11,09s over 100m. I was 19 and just got my Abitur. During that time when I came close to the 11,00 this dream arised. The dream about a time under 11,00s. That dream of having something that only few people on the entire world share with you. It got a life goal for me.
But reality didn't have that for me then cause I started to study in another city and the training location and people I trained with weren't that good. So times got slower again. But other good things were happening, I got into the 4*100m relay team of my club and we were crunching some pretty old club records!
Then I changed university and also my training location. From there on my trainer was my 4*100m relay team mate and son of my trainer from Aachen. He studied sports in Cologne and the first thing he did was changing the way I run. Working on running techniques and refining what i had learned. My training mates there were amazing and I loved training there. Through the insight of my trainer, I was able to understand how my body works better than ever before. The result was a 200m best time in 2013.
My training group expanded a bit more and the new members were motivating me even more. It's just amazing to train with people like them!
Things were also looking good in the year 2014 but through some misfortune I good a muscle injury pretty early in the season and I wasn't able to reach any of my goals. I worked out the problem and the injury healed but sadly it got me again in 2015. With the help of a athletic doctor I was able to locate the root of my problem finally and a few hours at a physiotherapist fixed me once and for all. I was back on track and more focused than ever. I started training 4-5 times a week even I was working on my bachelor thesis end of 2015. My life was thesis, training and sleep, not much more. Pushing the limits and feeling so good in doing it.
The first real race was a solid 11,31 with a very bad start. There was potential and we worked on it. The next occasion was during a very hot weekend. I love this weather, my body starts to really work and it's just breathing the energy. With a better start I ended up with 11,16 and a 22,28 over 200m. Almost club record, just 0,01s above. I felt that I could do better than that! I just needed some wind from behind.
Pretty late in the season, on the 23.7.16 we drove 2,5h to Wetzlar. Weather looked good and we had the chance to run the 100m twice.
Sun was burning down when we warmed up, so things were looking great. Also the organizer promised wind from behind!
My race was the third over 100m that day. I won and the time was 11,1s with 0,0m/s wind. But just minutes after that, they told us that we have to race again cause some issues with the measurement. Well once more, again winning the race. This time in 11,11s with +0,1 m/s wind. Damn why can't I have wind like all the other races have...... But there was another chance, the second race about 30 minutes later. My legs already felt drained but hey, you do what you got to do. First attempted of the second race failed caused by an false start of one athlete. The second attempted worked and the race begun. I was once again flying down the track, faster than all the others, feeling that this could be a very fast time. I was waiting impatiently for the result. After a minute they announced the time: 10,95s with +1,7m/s wind. A legitimate wind and a time under 11s! I was so happy to finally finally achieved what i worked for all these years. 14 years of training, 7 years of dreaming transformed into 10,95s of pure joy. A new personal best and new club record. A realisation that you can achieve anything you want to, if you just work hard enough.
The bonus on that day were the 200m. Another attempted to beat the club record and everything seemed possible that day. I was successful and did set a new personal best with 22,23s and new club record. Although that lasted just 3 minutes cause my training partner beat me in 22,22s.
Such an amazing day and I guess I'll look back to it quite a few times.


really impressive story
good luck for another record break

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