USB Cables compatible with Ingressplayers


During this summer i had the struggle nearly every Ingressplayer has. I needed good cabels that not just lowers the dischargingrate of the device but recharge them at a fair speed. Searching for a suiteable cable took me around 2-3 month in which i asked other players about their experiences and searching the web for endless hours but i didn't find a cable that satisfyed my needs. The only cables that fitted my needs are the cables that come with smartphones when you buy them, because they are thick enough to resist the influences that hit them during playing and provide a very good chargeingspeed. But buying several smartphones just for the cables is obviously not an option....

In my despair i called the Motorola support because i like their cables very much and hoped they could sell me some, even they didn't have them in their onlineshop. Sadly the woman on the line told me if the cables aren't listed in the shop they don't sell them. Another setback sad. The next support was the LG support and this guy told me, although he was quite supprised by my request, the magic ID of their cables!

With that ID i was able to find the cables online and the rating of other buyers was also very good. I bought 3 cables instantly and was waiting with excitement how they will work out smiley About four days (beginning of october) later the cabels were in my postbox and ready to be tested. 


I won't make it long. The cables are very good for charging, they charge my LG G2 with Ingress running in about 3,5 hours from 0% to 100% which is a very good chargeingrate. But there are two drawbacks:

1) you can't use them for transfering data to your phone. With this cables the Phone connects and disconnects randomly. That's not an issue for me but maybe for you

2) the USB connector itself is a bit short and the plasic hull around it rather thick. Because of that issue i'm not able to charge my headphones (Sennheiser mm-550-x travel) with them 


If this two issues don't bother you, you get a buying recommendation from me but if they bother you and you find USB cables that fixes them, please let me know!


Amazonlink to the cable


I got several recommendations of Nokia CA-179 cable but haven't tested it yet.




So the *cable* makes a difference when charging a device? I would have thought that the charger is the actual limitation. Weird :-/

yes, when you have a shitty cable, you won't get a good chargingrate. You can compare the charger to a pump and the cable to a pipe. If the pipe doesn't match the pump, you can't use the pump at full rate :)

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