Wearables - why are they so hyped?

As this is my first article in english, consider this as an experiment where i want to see how many people i can reach in comparision with a german article.

So lets go into the topic..... the so called wearables like smartwatches, fitness ribbons and things like google glass are on the market for about one year and i have to say that i am not impressed by any company. I want to name a few reasons for that:

1. All of the smartwatches are more or less clumsy and heavy. Even if you take the really good looking Moto 360, it's very thick compared to a normal watch and that leads to a main problem. Most of the people aren't able to wear this things without loooking like an idiot. I, for exapmle, have tinier wrists than the average person and all of the smartwatches are bigger than my wrist would support. Do you know how ridiculous it looks like when the displayunit is bigger than you wrist? It's like trying to pull away an SUV with a smart. In my opinion the manufactures have to redesign the smartwatches a lot to make them useable for the average person, especially women have tinier wrists than men, so for them it's nearly impossible to wears such things. My hope is that with more advanced productionmethods the devices begin to shrink to a more wearable level, so that they will be what they are called! 

2. In our world today it's all about batterylife, since i am an ingress player i know what i am talking about wink. Well all of the currently released wearables have very poor batterylife! If you are useing the google glass for example you don't get one day of batterylife, but let's put this one to the side because it's connsidered to be more an alpha than a beta and may even be not for the aveage consumer when it's final. Let's have a look at the "finished" products on the market. There are the fitness ribbons like the Fitbit, the Mii Band and tons of others and i like them. I don't use any of these because my sport can't be tracked with this but these ribbons are working more or less acurate from what i have read. On top of that you get batterylife of up to a month which is awesome. I hate it if i have to recharge a device every day or two that only does basic tasks, which brings me to the smartwatches again. What is a smartwhatch intended to do? I think when i say showing the notifications i what to get, i am on the same side with most of the people. I don't get why most of the companys think i want to interact with the watch.... Most people don't speak with their smartphones, so why should they speak with their watches?! The aspect of bad recognition left aside.....  So watches have to get a much better batterylife than now and i am talking about getting one week or even longer out of one single charge. Currenty i am useing a simple casio watch with solarpanels integrated because i am to lazy change the battery a single time and this also guaranties me that the watch is always waterproof. Normaly even the manufacturer doesn't give you the guarantie that the watch is waterproof after the battery being change by them. Since i wear my watch always (ok not while i am sleeping, but in the shower, during sports....) i need the waterproofness!


What is my conclusion of all this? Well i think i won't get a smartwatch in the next year or two, mainly because of the bad batterylife and bad design. And to silence all the "But there is the Pebble", yes i know there is the Pebble watch but i don't like the design of it. The other aspect of the Pebble are very nice and i hope that this guys bring out some more watches with a design i like smiley.

What is your opinion on wearables? Write it in the comments here or on the socialnetworks laugh


This will allow you to get one more nesting level in the

There are two forms of communication: synchronous and asynchronous. Both have
their appropriate use cases, and I think that a smart watch decreases the
usefulness of asynchronous communication. I believe that most notifications are
not really urgent. Smart watches make all notifications even more important,
which I consider a bad thing. Let me explain:

Most emails are not very urgent (especially not junk mail),
so they can wait until you want to specifically *take the time* to read and
answer them. If you use text messages, you should be able to answer them later.
When you use text messages for instant messaging, this is fine. However, if you
lock your phone after every message and attempt to do something else after
that, the next notification will probably make you pull out your phone, unlock
it and answer.

A smart watch will pose even less resistance to check what you are notified
about it. It is designed to get you involved even quicker. I do not believe
that the frequency you check your notifications will stay the same but rather
increase. The total time you spend running after notifications will actually
increase (I think).

For me, email is great in the sense that I can take some time to answer a
couple of them and then go off and do something where I want to be
uninterrupted for at least half an hour. If I had notification on any device,
this would always interrupt me.

Bottomline: I do not want to pay for a device that basically nags me constantly
about things that could have waited.


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